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IGM has been making representation of various raw materials and foundry machineries from famous European brands  since 2000.

A  team of highly experienced engineers in every sector of foundry gives a full support and help for our customers in selecting suitable raw material and machineries for their needs.

In order to complete our service chain, we are working on export of raw foundry materials and casting to Europe also.

Our company is able to respond instantly to all kinds of customers need.

Our Basic principles are standing behind our promises and commitments with quality and customer satisfaction

Ferro phosphor


Ferro phosphorus is used mainly as the additives in the foundry industry to improve the floatability of foundry iron, thus improving the quality of the castings. Phosphorus content can increase the wearing resistance and improve the cutability in the castings. Ferro phosphorus also used as the additive in the steel production, which can improve the corrosion resistivity in certain steel products.

  P Si C S Cu V
FeP 23-28 % 1-2 % 0.1 % max 0.01 % max 0.5 % max 0.5 % max
SIZE 10-50 mm / 10-100 mm
PACKING 1 mt big-bag



ferro chrome

Ferro-chrome is added to steel to impart properties of hardness, strength and making it stainless. High Carbon Ferro Chrome is most commonly used in specialist applications such as engineering steels.  It is also a low cost alternative to metallic chrome for uses in super alloys and other special melting applications.


  Cr C Si P S
FeCr HC-Charge CR 55-60 % 6-8 % 3.0 % max 0.03 % max 0.04 % max


Casting Parts

"IGM Co. is one of the leaders for foundry products marketing in Iran. This company has over 15 years of experience on export of raw and machined castings of famous Iranian foundries to Europe. An experienced team of engineers handle hundred tons of annual export to our European customers in a world class standard. Now we have several customers in Italy, Germany, Turkey and ... .

Foundries that we are co-operating in this business are well known ones with modern automatic production equipment, experienced engineers and brilliant background to guarantee our successful business.


With the help of this strong group of foundries we are able to supply all your needs in below fields:


1-     Grey and Ductile Cast Iron of Heavy trucks and Tractors.

2-     Grey and Ductile Cast Iron for passenger cars.

3-     Aluminum Castings (Heavy Sand casting and Die Cast).

4-     Steel Castings: Different grades of steel castings up to 150 tons


Products like Cylinder block, Cylinder head, Heavy Trucks Hubs, Differential Housings, Gear Box Housings, Axle Housings, Counterweights, ...  are producing by these foundries and could be delivered at raw or machined way according customer needs.


There is also a big potential on other automotive component supply in case of any need.


At this moment more than 20,000 tons of machined and raw cast iron components are exporting by this group to Italy, Germany, Turkey and we are looking to increase our export share.


This letter is prepared only for a brief introduction of our company and could not show the big potential that could be discovered in Iran's foundry market.


In case of interest in a special type of product, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information on and even a direct visit of our production facilities.





Some of the Automatic Moulding lines of our member foundries

George Fischer (+GF)

 1400x 900 x400/400

No Bake Line



 1000 x1000 x350/350

Kuenkel Wagner

 950 x800 x300 /300

Kuenkel Wagner

700x 540 x 250 /250

Fritz Hansberg

 900x700x 250/200


 900 x 700x 300 x300


 890 x 790 x 250/ 250


 600 x 470


775 x600

Lost Foam Casting


Investment Casting 

Manual Molding for Heavy Steel Castings

 Cast Iron Components for Automotive and Trucks




Cast Steel Components




Aluminum Casting




Vahid Aghazadeh


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Ardalan Aghazadeh

Commercial Manager

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Babak Amirzadeh

Sales Manager

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Our Mission


  • To realize the sales and after sales services to provide the highest level of “ customer satisfaction


  • To improve the value that we add to our customers, employees, society by using our all sources effectively


Our Strategy

  • To give the highest level of service with proven quality brands in the world


  • To introduce new products and systems to our customers


  • Give a full production chain service to our customers consists of raw material, machinery and market









IGMCO is the exclusive agent of some famous brands of foundry raw materials suppliers.

We are focusing mainly on high-tech raw materials and brands.

IGMCO offers a wide range of technical assistance and after sales service to his customers.

Our moto is:

We Should add a value to our customers products